7 Mistakes To Avoid As a Logo Maker

Logos make an excellent impact on businesses and they can also be a factor to the brand success up to a certain extent. If you are imaginative enough you can make corporate logo designs using logo maker tools yourself.

As a developer and creator of logos, it is your responsibility to represent your brand with utmost creativity and professionalism, which can help you develop customer trust and commitment to you. This way, you obtain a competitive edge in the industry. As even skilled and qualified logo makers make mistakes, watch out for these common errors when creating your designs.

1. Typography

Select fonts which are simple to read for the audience. Select typeface dimensions according to the customer’s target market and avoid such that won’t be on point for your brand, e.g. Disney font for a business office. Try out different styles that fit your branding. Be careful with thin or thick fonts, which is a problem when printing logo.

2. Clip art

This one is the most common practice of many. As a general rule, do not use clip-art compositions or graphics since it looks inexpensive, amateur, and non-professional, which can affect the credibility of your business.

3. Grey scale

Do not make a color-dependent logo design. Always attempt the style out in black and white prior to including colors to it. By doing this you show that the logo design without colors is communicating the core service principle the same way as it is with colors.

4. Vector

Logo maker tools makes it easy to build vector graphics, which provides you with more flexibility and scalability in terms of layout which rasterized images cannot bring. It is easy to reproduce and also print, from blog post stamp to bill-board size. There is no concern of pixel burst in the scalable vector layout; hence, by doing this you keep the logo’s high quality in all sizes.

5. Plagiarism

Take ideas yet do not duplicate. See to it that your logo design has copyrights to ensure that there are no infringement problems for your business. Make your logo remarkable via creativity as well as originality rather than duplicating and being a copycat of others.

6. Trend-setter

Be a trend-setter, rather than being a trend-follower. Create inspiring, imaginative, unique styles for lasting target market recall, identification and also acknowledgment of logo design with your business. The fashionable logos have a short life.

7. Color combination

Pick a color mix which supports business motifs and branding. Choose colors according to the preferences and also likes of the target audience. Make it appealing and remarkable.

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