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While affixing the word “smart” to something nowadays indicate its being techy — smartphones, for example — the idea of home automation has actually been around since the 20th century. The concept was present in machines like dishwashers whose goal is to help save time and energy.

Several technological advancements later, developers were able to introduce the so-called smart home technology where people can have control over their appliances. In United Kingdom, industry players continued emerged to offer the best smart home system UK. Smartave Ltd., for instance, has now over 15 years of experience in the digital technology, providing whole home control systems to households across the country.

7 Benefits of Having a Smart and Automated Home

Home automation indeed sounds as a cool and awesome idea. But does it actually count as a wise investment? Here are the top seven benefits of having a smart and automated home!


Curious why offerings like Bang and Olufsen installation are continuously creating buzz among homeowners? It’s all about convenience. Home automation is a groundbreaking technology that lets people monitor and/or control appliances including TV sets using one control unit or remote app.


Another paramount reason behind the popularity of whole home control systems is security. If you want to keep your family and your house safe from burglars, converting your abode into a smart home is one of the best options for you. Reliable door and gate locks are some of the best features of this in-demand technology.


When you’re away from home, does it ever bother you that you don’t have an idea of what’s happening inside it? Are your children just doing fine? Is the temperature comfortable enough for them? With just an app, you can now have an access to your home even though you’re far from it.

Energy Efficiency

When your appliances are not in use, you can remotely turn them off if your home is automated. This fosters an energy-efficient environment in your home.

Cost Effectiveness

Relating to the previous item, a highly energy-efficient home translates to smaller utility bills. If you look at its long-term benefits, home automation can actually help you save money!

Peace of Mind

Investing in the best smart home system UK wouldn’t be a bandwagon without a good, compelling reason. The peace of mind that this technology brings is worth every pound. With it, you can now stop worrying if you’ve already locked your door, or if you’ve turned the light off in the living room.

Cool Lifestyle

These days, having gadgets with cutting-edge technology is the benchmark of being hip and cool. If you want to live such kind of lifestyle, getting your home automated is one way. If you don’t consider turning a certain appliance on and off right at your fingertips cool, then what is?

With all these perks, do you now imagine yourself investing in the best smart home system UK? For inquiries about the installation of one of the most trusted whole home control systems, reach out Smartave Ltd. Today!
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