Goodwill Computer Works Industries of Houston joined with Dell computer company to offer a free computer-recycling program. Wednesday’s opening of the Computer Works store at 12230 Westheimer was the beginning of this program.

Residents can drop off their used computer equipment at any of the 16 goodwill computer works stores in Houston or 32 donation centers. It will either be deconstructed and refurbished at Computer Works or recycled.

Beth Johnson, senior consultant at Dell for asset recovery services, stated that the program was already in place in Austin and San Antonio, and would continue to grow in the states of California and Michigan, New Jersey and North Carolina.

Johnson stated that Dell has made it a goal to be G3 Boats the most environmentally-friendly technology company on the planet. Johnson added that the recycling program was part of that mission. Goodwill and Dell work together to ensure that the equipment is recycled responsibly or reused, so it doesn’t end up in landfills here or overseas.

President and CEO of Goodwill Industries Houston, Steven P. Lufburrow said that “We’re excited at Houston goodwill computer works about being working with our new partnership Dell.” He stated that the program will benefit the community by recycling and selling computers, keeping them out of landfills and putting people in work.

  • Goodwill Computer Works has filled 14 positions.
  • Houston has a goal to keep 1.5 Million pounds of computers from going to landfills.

“Austin diverts 250 tonnes of computers each month from landfills. So I think Houston should have more,” stated Suzanha Burmeister (director of marketing at goodwill computer works Industries of Central Texas).

Christine Banks, vice president of environmental services at the agency, stated that the components (which could include elements like copper) should not be disposed of in landfills. Instead, they would be donated to local organizations.

Refurbished Computers have their hard Drives Wiped Clean

Banks stated that they are very cautious about the security of data donated to their computers.

Zelma Brown from Southwest Houston, who lives near U.S.59 and Bissonnet, purchased a refurbished Dell laptop Wednesday morning at goodwill computer works.

She said that the new store was worth the effort. It’s organized well, you can find the computer pieces by piece and it’s much easier to afford.

The prices for the computers that were available Wednesday ranged between $150 and $300. However, prices can vary depending on what is donated.

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