How Can Pet Parasites Affect Its Owners

Animals under our care including dogs and cats are not just simply our pets. In fact, we also consider them as a family member as well. We sometimes cuddle them while sleeping and even feed them food using our hands.

However, it is sometimes inevitable for them to be affected by parasites and when that happens; it does not only affect our pet but also our family members. This is because these parasites are likely the carriers of various diseases and hence, parasite controlamong pets is extremely essentialespecially if you want to give the best veterinary care in North Turramurra like Gordon Vet Hospital.

What are the types of parasites that can affect our pets and us humans as well?

There are different types of parasites that are capable of affecting our pet and that include ticks and fleas. These are common parasites, which can transmit diseases to us humans, both directly and indirectly. Rickettsiosis for example, is a disease that ticks are capable of transmitting while fleas are capable of transmitting bartonellosis. Intestinal parasites are also a problem for both humans and pets and that includes roundworms. This is because the eggs of these worms are then passed on to the feces of pets that can then be injected by humans. Once this happens, there is a possibility that the egg hatching in our intestinal tracts can then travel to the different tissues in our body. This may ultimately lead us to serious infections.

On the other hand, heartworms can also affect humans if in case a mosquito has bitten an infected pet then bites the owner, resulting to the larva being transmitted to them. The worm larva can truly be dangerous especially if it enters the human body since it is not used to living there. As a result, they often end up in the eyes or in the liver. In severe cases, it can turn to blindness, malaise and even an increase in the white blood cells. Lack of proper hygiene can also make the situation worse.

The hookworm is unlike the previously mentioned parasites, as it is capable of penetrating deep in our skin. Thus, it can be transmitted to humans by simply having long hours of contact with the ground that contains it. With that being said, people whose work involves them lying on the ground are at a higher risk as compared to others. However, there is also a need for you to know that even when your pet is infected by it, you would not be infected by simply having a direct contact with your pet.


What can we do to avoid parasite infections?

Nowadays, there is nothing much for people to worry about for there are a lot of things that they can do to avoid being infected by pet parasites. This includes removing the feces of their pets as soon as possible and restricting their access to areas that may be contaminated by it. It would also be a great idea to visit and ask Gordon Vet’s tick treatment for dogsĀ and have your pet checked for the presence of parasites in their body.

In addition to that, your pet receiving injections for parasite control is also essential. This is one way you can free your mind from possible health threats as you spend your time with your beloved pets.

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