Top “IOS” Tips and Tricks

IOS 15 will bring many new features to the iPhone experience and make it more user-friendly when it launches Monday, 20 September 2021. While most people will have to wait until the official release, iPhone enthusiasts have been able to download the software update in beta form since the summer through the Public Beta Program.

These top tips and tricks will help you make the most of iOS 15 if you have downloaded the latest iOS 15 beta or are just curious about the next software update.

1. Make the most of the new Safari browser

The most significant change to iOS 15 is the redesign of Safari browser. While it might look odd at first, many of the changes are logical.

The most important change is that the default address bar location has moved from the top to bottom of the page. Additionally, the new form factor is smaller than many are used to. To quickly toggle between tabs, swipe left or right Mobile Motorcycle Mechanic on the addressbar to switch to the top. This is the same as with recent iPhone models. You can also create tabbed groups to help you organize your pages.

2. Windows and Android users can FaceTime with each other

FaceTime has received major improvements in iOS 15. It now allows you to use secondary rear cameras (if possible), SharePlay functionality, and the ability FaceTime with Android or Windows users.

It’s not surprising that Apple finally allowed Android and Windows users to join the fun, given the heavy reliance on video calling during the pandemic. But it’s not as easy as you might think.

3. Set up Focus Modes

iOS 15’s Focus Mode is a new feature that helps you to focus on the task at hand. You can choose from multiple focus modes in iOS 15, which allow you to focus on specific tasks.

Consider the Work focus. You can mut all incoming messages except those from your work colleagues, block distracting social media notifications, and hide entire home screens pages to help you stay focused. These Focus Modes can be integrated into iMessage to let friends and family know you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed. They’ll also sync across all your Apple devices.

4. Use the Notification Summary

iOS 15 also introduces Focus Modes and the Notification Summary. This is a way for you to let your phone ping you only when it’s not necessary or urgent.

You can set it up by going to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary. The system will then be set up by you. You can add the apps to the notification summary and choose the time you want it to appear.

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