SkyWater Technology: Stock Receives

SkyWater Technology Stock Receives RS Rating Increase To 91; Partners With Rockley

Focus on stocks with rising relative prices when looking for the best stocks.

SkyWater Technology (SKYT stock) is one stock that fits this description. It saw a welcome increase in its Relative Strength Rating (RS) rating on Friday, going from 88 up to 91.

Rockley Announces a New Partnership

In a deal relating to wearable health sensors, Rockley Photonics (RKLY), was recently announced by the chipmaker. Rockley will now also use SkyWater to include wafer back-end-of-line processing for Rockley’s spectrophotometer-on-a-chip health monitoring solutions.

Relative price strength is an important consideration when you are researching stocks to buy or watch. Investor’s Business Daily provides an exclusive rating that tracks the price movements of shares, ranging from a score of 1 (worst to 99 (best). This rating compares the stock’s price performance in the last 52 weeks to all other stocks in our database.

Market research over decades has shown that the best performing stocks often have a RS Rating above 80 in the initial stages of their moves.

Is SkyWater Technology Stock A Buy?

SkyWater Technology broke out of a Performance Suspension Technology first-stage IPO foundation on Mar. SkyWater Technology stock hit a record high of 34.43 after it was released from a first-stage IPO base on Mar. The chipmaker has been unable to buy the stock since then due to a chaotic consolidation. The stock could create a new opportunity to buy like a three-weeks close or pullback towards the 50-day moving average or the 10-week moving average. Look for the Next Big Stock Market Winners. For more information, see “Start With These Three Steps”. For more tips, see “Stocks to Buy and Watch: Top IPOs. Big and Small Caps. Growth Stocks.”

Although earnings per share growth declined from 0% to 27% in the quarter before, revenue increased 34% from 30% in previous reports.

SkyWater Technology stock holds No. 22 rank among its peers in the Electronics-Semiconductor Manufacturing industry group. The top five most highly rated stocks in the group include Diodes (DIOD), Chipmos Technologies(IMOS), and Power Integrationss (POWI). You can find more industry news at “Chip Stocks To Watch” and “Semiconductor Industry News”.

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