The best employee monitoring software

Many businesses have changed the way they think about work and where their employees should live. It is crucial that businesses ensure that hybrid and remote workers complete tasks and assignments on time and efficiently with this paradigm shift to hybrid work. One way to do this is to use employee monitoring software.

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The best employee monitoring software

  • SentryPC

SentryPC is a top-flight piece of employee monitoring software. This software allows managers to secretly track user activity. SentryPC allows supervisors to view the screen of a user remotely and can even take screenshots to check their output. SentryPC is also affordable, which makes it an attractive option for companies looking to use this software.

TeramindTeramind, another piece of employee-monitoring software, has a stealth option. However, SentryPC is more affordable for small and medium businesses. Teramind allows employees to take screenshots and Teramind can remotely record employee activity. It can also track all keystrokes, emails, and screen activity. Teramind’s ‘pay per user’ pricing may make Teramind more suitable for smaller businesses.

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  • ActivTrak

ActivTrak, a type of employee tracking software, allows timesheet tracking. This is a crucial component for organizations that use this software. Timesheet tracking is a basic feature of many types of employee monitor software. However, ActivTrak is highly recommended for remote workers to ensure that their employees are logged in and actively engaged with tasks and assignments. ActivTrak is similar to Teramind’s in that it charges per user. However, ActivTrak also offers a free option that has some limited capabilities.

  • HubStaff

HubStaff allows you to track individual employees and their timesheets. The platform also compiles reports showing how much time was spent on specific pages. Executives can access these detailed reports to help track employee hours and automate timesheet tracking. Employees also have the option to use intuitive mobile, desktop, and web time tracking apps that assist in timesheet tracking. This can give companies peace of mind in terms of payroll management and ensure that revenue is being distributed properly.

  • iMonitorSoft

iMonitorSoft, an employee monitoring software that ensures staff members stay on task at work, is one of the most popular. Organizations can track up to 1000 computers from one location with the iMonitor platform. Executives can run up to ten remote desktops simultaneously for task management tracking. This allows them to monitor employees’ actions in real-time and even send notifications to organizations when they are done with certain tasks. Supervisors can also be notified when employees visit certain websites.

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  • InterGuard

InterGuard, another employee monitoring software, has task management capabilities that can be linked to alerts. These alerts can also be sent via regular emails to managers, detailing the tasks being completed and the time they have been in progress. You can color-code and group the notification emails to indicate severity. This allows you to view them in order of their urgency. InterGuard can also be useful for individuals who work in certain roles and must adhere to policies like HIPAA. Alerts can be sent to the company when one of these policies is violated.

  • Veriato

Veriato, a leading piece of employee monitoring software, provides organizations with productivity evaluation reports. These reports can be pre-configured, or fully customizable according to the enterprise’s needs. Employee activity reports can be viewed online in real-time or sent by email at the end of each day. It can be very beneficial to find the most productive employees, not only in the short-term but also over the long-term. These reports are especially useful when searching for employees who are more suitable for promotions or increased compensation. They also highlight employees who need to improve their productivity.

  • Work Examiner

Work Examiner’s cloud-based productivity assessments are among the best in the business when it comes tracking employees’ time spent on tasks. Work Examiner provides a wealth of statistics to each worker. It includes automatic tracking and scoring of productive and distracting activities, as well as productivity graphs and tracking user activity ratio. Organizations can group employees and departments in the Work Examiner platform’s graphs. This allows them to check that they are making the most of their time, and makes it easier to sort through large numbers of workers.

Most Popular:

  • VeriClock

VeriClock’s location management solution allows organizations to track the exact location of their employees at all times. This is especially important in light of the need to move to hybrid and remote environments following the pandemic. VeriClock’s platform features GPS tagging that allows you to see exactly where your employees clock in and out in real-time. This makes it an attractive option for companies with multiple locations, courier or distribution services. The clock-in data can also be geotagged and time-stamped, giving companies proof of when and where an employee began and ended their shift.

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