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    Online shopping keeps growing. There is a lot of movement in the online market. But there are also many shops that are stopping to sell online. The problem is that the big brands are dominating the online market. Even if the quality of your product is outstanding, you still won’t survive without a good strategy. How do you survive online with competitors such as Uber or AirBnB?

    First of all, your visitors are lazy. You need to keep their attention or they will be gone within seconds. Directly show them where he is when they enter your website. Show them what’s for sale. Furthermore, show him what the difference is between you and your rivals. Be sure your visitors understands these things directly.

    The visitor also wants to find his product as quickly as possible. That’s why you need to be sure to create a well-organized navigation, a good working search feature, a sitemap and so on. Your visitor needs to find his product within seconds.

    A lot of webshops manage to get visitors place a product in their cart but end up not buying it. This can have several reasons. Shipping costs are for example a conversionkiller. Try to get rid of these costs. Make your products a bit more expensive to compensate it. Make it easy and quickly for your visitors to buy your products. Don’t force your visitors to register, give them the right information and a good way to let them pay.

    A visitor wants to know where he buys his products. That’s why you need to show him how he can make contact with you or your colleagues. Show him where he can find your company, your number, email and so on. Be sure your webshop is transparent. Create trust with a nice design. It shows the visitor you take your job seriously and professional. Create the design that fits with your company.

    How potential visitors can find your website is another subject. You need to invest in the SEO of your webshop to make it rise in the Google rankings. Wecreate, experts seo hongkong,is a good option who is able to help. It’s a company that helps you with different online marketing tools.

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