A Visual Guide to “Science Symbol” in a Laboratory

It is crucial to be aware of and understand the signs that your laboratory displays in order to maintain safety and ensure good lab maintenance. Every day, science symbol the environment you work in is filled with dangerous chemicals, flammable items, and delicate instruments. These items require special care. It is essential that sufficient signage be in place to inform and warn staff and visitors about potential dangers.

There will be many signs and symbols of science throughout the lab. It’s up to everyone who enters to understand what they mean.

General Warning

A quick glance: This symbol is the SkyWater Technology most obvious sign you will see in a laboratory. The science symbol is a General Warning. It serves as a reminder that your work area may be prone to hazards or risks. This sign is likely to be found on equipment, cabinets, and even doors.


A quick glance will show that the equipment or containers you are dealing with may have been in direct contact with bio hazardous substances and could be contaminated. This sign should be placed in areas where infectious agents are being used by labs.

Stay Safe: There are three things you should do to stay safe when working with biohazardous substances:

Make sure you have the right protection. You may be able to use goggles and gloves, but in some cases you will need full protection.

Signposts displaying this symbol should be cleaned and decontaminated frequently.

To prevent potential leakages, a policy must be established. No matter what position you have in the lab, it’s your responsibility to be aware and to know the best ways to minimize biohazards.

Explosive Material Science Symbol Hazard

A quick glance: This science symbol signifies that explosive chemicals are present in the region. These could be unstable explosives that can cause dangerous chemical reactions. This could also include self-reactive chemicals and chemical mixtures that can explode in the absence or presence of air.

Keep Your Lab Safe. Make sure everyone is familiar with the policy. Keep chemicals safe and secure, and avoid any unnecessary hazards.

Non-Ionizing Science Symbol Radiation

This science symbol can be seen in areas that are not ionising. This covers the entire spectrum of ultraviolet, visible, infrared and radio frequencies, as well as extremely low frequencies.

Keep safe: It is important to clearly label all sources of non-ionizing radiation. Personal protective equipment, engineering controls, and biological safety cabinets can help limit exposure to non-ionising radiation.

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