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What is a “Lightroom Mobile” Application?

Lightroom Mobile App Review

Lightroom CC Mobile is available for download on your tablet or smartphone. Once you have downloaded the appropriate version, log in with Adobe ID, Google Account, or Facebook. After you have read the overview, you can Sound Science upload your photos from your device or cloud storage. You can also take a picture and begin editing it


  • Rapid management of large numbers of photos
  • Multiple photos can be color corrected at once
  • There are many tutorials
  • Numerous useful presets
  • It supports almost all RAW formats


  • Inconvenient catalog system
  • Photo exports are not a good idea
  • To work with many RAW files, you should make sure your smartphone is the most recent model.

Capabilities to Edit Portraits are Limited

VERDICT: Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile, a free app that lets you edit and share photos on smartphones and tablets, is available for download. Lightroom CC Desktop version can be synchronized with your smartphone. Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile has the same image editing capabilities as the PC version, including color correction and RAW image editing. It is also portable and easy to use.

Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Syncing Photos

This is a great feature that allows you to work on multiple devices at once or use the app while on the move if you have an Adobe account. To sync Lightroom CC, you will need either the Adobe Creative Cloud paid membership or the free trial desktop edition.

Lightroom apps use a highly Optimized Synchronization Mechanism

You’ll be able access your images from any device, provided you have the synchronization set up correctly. You will need to log in using your Adobe ID in both the desktop and mobile Lightroom versions in order to initiate the synchronization.

Next, select the Sync with  option in the upper corner of the PC version. The synchronization process will start automatically.

Lightroom Mobile can be synchronized with all your devices after you have purchased a subscription or received the Lightroom Mobile trial version. All changes to your photos will be synced. You can also turn this off to sync specific files rather than entire collections. This is a useful feature that’s not available in all apps.

If your trial of desktop Lightroom has ended and you don’t have an active subscription, you will not be able to sync with the desktop app. You can only use the Lightroom Mobile edition.

Speedy Upload of High-Resolution Lightroom Mobile Images

Adobe¬† allows you to upload large quantities of photos simultaneously. The app allows you to group images into collections, so you don’t feel lost among hundreds of thousands of photos.

Lightroom’s optimized sync process allows you to also sync your collections. Simply put a flag in the app to automatically upload your collections to Adobe Cloud. Smart Previews are created on iPads and iPhones to view your photos.

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