Gutenberg Meets AI: Ascender AI LLC Brings Out ‘Bubbles’ for Information Exploration

Founded in 2019 by Braddock Gaskill, a visionary research scientist, Ascender AI LLC has the potential to make waves with its radical user-interface and game-changing search engine.

In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and redefined how we interact with information. Today we browse the world through our printing press simulator – the modern web browser – in a way that would be recognizable to scholars reading books and pamphlets four hundred years ago.

Typefaces may change, but typesetting remains an inert, mechanical process devoid of meaning.  Our search engines produce lists of printed pages for us to scour for relevant information. Things must change.

“It is time to bring about the much-needed change.” says Braddock Gaskill, “It is time for the text we read to be permeated with meaning and interactivity – a type of intimacy that artificial intelligence can now provide.”. 

He further adds, “We should not have our energies drained, looking at the first ten hits of a search result.  We should be empowered by our relationship with AI to explore the first thousand or first million.”

Ascender AI LLC is here to open the doors for more visual ways of information exploration by infusing media with an AI-based understanding of world knowledge.

Instead of reading “pages,” Ascender AI introduces “bubbles.”  A document, video, or post is displayed in a Bubble. The bubbles organize themselves by the AI-determined topic.

The screen is full of bubbles, and the user can pan and zoom as needed. An AI dynamically dictates the content of the bubbles.  A small bubble only displays a key image, the most distinct entities, or keywords at an instance.  As the ‘bubble’ is zoomed, more text scrolls in to provide an AI-generated summary.

Eventually, at full zoom, the ‘bubble’ fills the screen with the text.  But even then, the AI understanding of the content dictates the typography, lending emphasis to keywords, allowing the human to skim and digest quickly.

Here’s a short clip of how the search engine renders pictorial results and allows rapid research through its platform.

Ascender AI is leading the way into a post-Gutenberg future.  Modern AI understands language and understands the spoken word; it understands foreign tongues, knows placenames and institutions, knows parts of speech and proper nouns, and even detects sentiment and semantics.  Ascender AI infuses all of this awareness into its interaction with the user.

AI goes further with our dataflow infrastructure.  A middle-eastern broadcast TV news segment is transcribed by speech recognition in Arabic. The Arabic text is translated into English, while the video is scanned using facial recognition to find politicians and celebrities of interest.  The video is now searchable in English or Arabic, with full video playback in a bubble.

If you are researching large bodies of text without Ascender AI, you are reading it wrong. With Ascender AI, the possibilities are endless.

Try the live beta at ascender.ai.

Ascender AI LLC was founded in 2019 by a visionary research scientist and two well established AI entrepreneurs.  Braddock Gaskill, the CEO, has over 25 years of experience in AI and machine learning.  Co-founders Mudar Yaghi and Mohammad Shihadah have spent the past 30 years bringing a family of pioneering AI-driven companies to life.

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