Securing Yourself Against Data Breaches

Identity theft and cyber-crime are serious threats which continue to increase year by year. More and more personal information is being solicited, captured, and stored in the data bases of organizations throughout society. The number of people who spend their lives trying to steal such information has also increased, as has the sophistication of their methods.

Data breaches have become a regular part of the news in the past few years. From Ashley Madison to the Democratic National Committee, hackers have been able to get into the cyber spaces in which large amounts of information are stored.

One of the lessons learned, and being slowly distributed, is that over the years organizations have been storing too much of their data in one place. Once an unauthorized person has gotten access to it, they are able to peruse and steal all that it is contained within. In answer to this threat, those who run big data operations should create a more distributed network. Storing different kinds of data in different places makes it hard for one person to get large amounts of information on thousands of individuals.

The means to do this are not that hard. What is requires is a monitoring architecture that is relies on multiple levels of oversight. It is possible for companies and government agencies to protect their data storage units and networks by implementing such a solution. Putting in place a system that keeps track of permissions and supports the capability for automated auditing can go quite far in meeting this aim.

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When people turn over vital bits of information, it is right they have some kind of guarantee that it will remain safe, and that its integrity will not be breached. Installing the kind of distributed data protection architecture described above can go some ways toward meeting that aim.

The world has become more mobile, global, and interconnected than ever. Few persons are able to live, do business, and socialize without being part of a network of some kind. The proliferation of such networks gives cyber criminals more opportunities to penetrate them. And it is up to the organizations that are trusted with such information to protect themselves against such threats.

If you are looking to get this kind of protection, there are many places you can turn to. However, it is a good idea to exercise care and discretion in the site that you end up working with. You want to work with a company that has a proven record of delivering results, which in this case means no data breaches. Such an accomplishment is the most obvious mark of excellence, and it can mean that you end up working with a reliable and dependable provider. It is important that you have the latest software and architecture on the market, so that you can protect your network effectively.

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